Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration

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Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration


Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration

What are the topics covered in this course?
There are a total of 49 video lessons. The following topics are covered throughout the course:

Setup a Klaviyo Account
Signup Forms for Email Collection (3 Different Types)
Email Flows at the Core (11 Different Flows)
Email Campaigns at the Core (12 Different Campaigns)
(Year Round + BFCM Specific) List Segmentation
Best Practices + Practical Advice (like A/B Testing)

Each section is discussed in further detail further down.

Section 1: Klaviyo Account Setup – Configure your Klaviyo Account & Integration – Campaigns vs. Flows – Flow Naming Convention

Section 2: Email Collection – How to activate forms on your website and examples of forms
– How to create a simple email collection form + A/B Testing – How to create a high-converting email collection form

Section 3: Core Flows – Total of 11 Flows – Non-Buyer Welcome Series + 5 Other Pre-Purchase Flows – Customer Thank You + 4 Other Post-Purchase Flows

Section 4: Core Campaigns – Campaign 1: Best Sellers – Campaign 2: Free Product with Purchase – Campaign 3: Referral – And 9 More

Section 5: Segmentation – How to segment your list in Quarters 1 – 3 – How to segment your list for Black Friday and Cyber Monday during Quarter 4

Section 6: A/B Testing for Campaigns and Flows – Best Practices + Helpful Hints
– Delay tests for flow timing – How to improve your customer data – And more!

What is the duration of the course?
As previously stated, there are 49 video lessons totaling around 4 hours and 30 minutes of video content.
For whom is this course intended?
This course is ideal for two types of learners.

First and foremost, I believe that any ecommerce business that is now using or considering adopting email marketing will reap significant benefits. This training will assist you with both getting started and scaling your email attributable revenue. My goal for my clients is for their email marketing channel to account for 20% to 30% of their entire income.

Second, I believe that any freelancer or agency that works with ecommerce brands would reap significant benefits. This course will teach you all of the essential email marketing techniques for scaling your clients’ email marketing channels. As a result, you will be able to keep clients for a longer period of time.

What is the quality of the course?
The video lessons include excellent stuff!

Full disclosure: I didn’t put a lot of effort or money into editing the videos, but the substance more than makes up for it. The course was designed to provide a deep dive and behind-the-scenes look at how to set up and scale an email marketing program. Instead of just being a video of me talking, I spend the entire time screensharing and showing you what to do while taking you through it.

The audio/video quality is comparable to that of the videos I post on my YouTube channel. Take, for example, this one.
What’s your history?
I own and operate a seven-figure ecommerce email marketing agency (which is now part of a larger ecommerce firm called Structured) that caters to seven- and eight-figure clientele. We’re one of Klaviyo’s most trusted agency partners, and we’re well-known in the Ecommerce business.

The Chive, IBEX, Original Grain, TUSHY, and Vinyl Me Please are just a handful of our current and prior clientele. Since June 2018, we’ve generated over $100 million in email-attributable revenue for our clients (and counting).

When will I be able to access the course after purchasing it, and for how long will I be able to access it?
You will get immediate access after completing your purchase. Once you’ve paid for the course, it’s yours. You’ll have unlimited access to it.

I’ve already uploaded two bonus videos to the course since it first launched, in addition to the 49 video lessons. As time goes on, I’ll continue to add more high-quality trainings to the course bonus section, and you’ll have access to them as well.
Is there any kind of follow-up help for customers who purchase your course?
Yes, I am. It’s quite simple to ask questions within the course, and I’ll be able to react immediately away. You may also view the questions that other people have asked and the responses I’ve given for each video.

Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration
Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration


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