The TFDW Bundle – Trading Fanatic Course

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The TFDW Bundle – Trading Fanatic Course


The TFDW Bundle – Trading Fanatic  Course

What’s Inside?

The TFDW Bundle – Trading Fanatic

What is included?

Trading is one of the most complicated businesses out there. The market is designed to manipulate and confuse us on a daily basis. That’s why we need the right tools and approach to successfully operate in this competitive market. The program consists of two (2) comprehensive Courses, Trading Community with many perks and 1-1 and accountability and trades review sessions.


The route The TFDW Bundle by TradingFanatic consists of a total of three courses: The Fanatic Way 1.0, The Fanatic Way 2.0 and DW Manipulation Trading. The route The TFDW Bundle is designed for traders that are interested in Day Trading and would really like to construct a strong basis first and then discover ways to trade in an exceedingly systematic manner. As a pupil of The TFDW Bundle, you’ll have the possibility to construct a strict trading plan that may actually work.


– The Fanatic Way 1.0 – This module is designed to set a strong basis and train you a completely unique manner of reading the marketplace. It removes all of the noise and brings a fresh angle of the marketplace. The route may have the curriculum:

Risk & Money Management
Price Action Introduction
Market Structure
Market Formation
Candlestick Formations and Psychology
Entries, Execution and Management
Trading Sessions and Fundamentals
Creating a Trading Plan
Introduction to Psychology and Emotions
Endnotes and Advice

– The Fanatic Way 2.0 – This module will take your trading to the subsequent level. After being aware about how the marketplace movements and you’re proficient in analysing and spotting structure, this module introduces real techniques to be traded. The shape of the route:

TFW 2.0 Strategy
TFW 2.1 Strategy
Crucial Processes
Final Notes
Challenge Reviews
Weekly Webinars

– DW Manipulation Trading – This module will decorate and deepen your information of ways the markets are manipulated and rigged to take your cash and leave you with nothing.

The Toolbox
Trade Recaps
Members Backtesting Sessions
DW 2.0

The TFDW Bundle – Trading Fanatic  Course
The TFDW Bundle – Trading Fanatic Course


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